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Tuesday 31st January 2023


MCS Automotive...

MCS, to say, "cut their teeth" in the Automotive market as a significant tier two and three participant. The increasing demands for better quality and demanding delivery arrangements suited the MCS quality driven style, and allowed us to develop a solid client base across the industry.

During the 90s, the automotive industry had quite a re-shuffle, particularly with UK manufacturers. Fortunately, MCS foresaw this declining industry with plenty of time to spare, and whilst still remaining a key supplier to the industry, MCS began to seek service to other industries which in fact became an extremely wise strategy. Many suppliers of the Automotive Industry suffered by "putting their eggs in one basket" and relying on a market that subsequently declined. By sourcing new markets, MCS were able to apply the expertise gathered in the automotive industry and grow in other areas. The fact that MCS were continuing to successfully expand whilst many of their competitors were closing their doors only added to the success of the business.

Automotive is still very much a part of the portfolio of MCS markets, and we are proud to supply a number of prestigious vehicles with critical precision parts that help maintain the current reliability levels enjoyed by vehicles produced in the UK and Europe.

If you are an OEM or have a need for automotive machinery then we look forward to discussing any requirements you may have; feel free to complete one of our quote forms on the page entitled Your Enquiry and let us have a look at the part in question; you may well be pleasantly surprised.

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