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Tuesday 31st January 2023

MCS Environmental Policy

Machined Component Systems plc are a small independently controlled component manufacturing company situated on a purpose built industrial estate in Redditch.

The sales, development and production facilities, coupled with its commitment and partnership with numerous industries, has conceived and created a comprehensive programme of specialised and tailor made component parts to satisfy the latest design requirements within each of the sectors.

Machined Component Systems recognise that the environment is a central business concern and that our manufacturing activities, products, and services may have a potential environmental effect.

Accordingly we will establish and maintain an environmental management system compliant with ISO 14001 to cover all activities at our premises.

[IMAGE - Environmental Policy]

We will be seeking accreditation to ISO 14001 by July 2008.

Through direct action we have adopted the following, which provides a framework for setting and reviewing our environmental objectives and targets.

Specifically we:

  • Seek to ensure compliance with existing and future Environmental Legislation, Corporate and other requirements to which Machined Component Systems subscribes ie. British Standards etc.
  • Liaise with all relevant external bodies at all levels and work with our own employees to maintain a programme of continual improvement of our environmental performance.
  • Identify and seek to reduce any impacts of the significant environmental aspects of our business and to prevent pollution. This will be implemented by setting and reviewing environmental objectives through a management programme.
  • Maximise the use of resources and re-cycle materials wherever practicable and justifiable.
  • Work with our suppliers, sub-contractors and customers to improve our overall environmental performance and wherever feasible influence them to do likewise.
  • Provide the appropriate training and ensure all employees assist in the implementation of this policy, and work with due consideration for the environment.

This policy, and the objectives that stem from our Environmental Policy, are available to all employees throughout the Company displayed on notice boards and other interested parties on request.

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