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Tuesday 31st January 2023

Just in Time

British Engineering wins through to keep the production lines working...

Just in time is great just as long as it is that just in time.

The supplier keeps and bares the cost of the stock as their part of the deal and the manufacturer calls in supplies as is needed to keep the production lines moving. It has had a great track record till now.

MCS Engineering have developed a new service to its clients to keep them just in time and whilst it is their core activity of engineering it also brings in a new offer that is of Insurance.

All manufactures like JIT it is so cost effective yet when combined with overseas sourcing them we have a few too many variables which are having a negative effect on the UKs ability to perform.

Sourcing overseas is here to stay for large numbers of less complex components required then schedules can be created and quotes given that UK manufacturers cannot compete with. All of this is fine until... It goes wrong.

It's the wrong part number on the ship, the ship is in Rotterdam and not due for another week yet you only have 2 days supply left MCS have heard all of the stories yet when you run production to such fine tolerances why are you surprised that items manufactured at distance with minimal physical contact and a movement exercise covering half the planet goes astray? In fact we are constantly surprised it does not happen more!

It is from this scenario and the countless times MCS have been asked to step into the breach and run emergency production to manufacture stop gap stocks that the MCS supplyguard programme was developed.

Amongst our client base we have people that recognise that for certain key items they only have single source and that source is in a far shore production plant, if any deliveries goes AWOL then the companies production, viability and even future is at risk.

The MCS solution is simple we will give you second source with a guaranteed short delivery date and also at a preferential rate equal to your foreign source raw materials allowing for raw commodity rates.

How can MCS offer such a service when it is the set up and testing costs at the front end are normally amortised over a large supply contract.

What MCS propose is that we will programme our systems set up material supply arrangements and produce samples for quality control purposes and then store the settings. As a result on hearing of the problem with the ship or the order not processed you can ring MCS in the knowledge that within a set number of days you will have UK manufactured supplies on your production line.

There is a one time set up fee and a project maintenance/review process, which will ensure all arrangements are current and correct on a regular basis.

This arrangement will give you total piece of mind and safe in the knowledge that even an act of god sinking your container will not stop the production line.

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