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Thursday 30th March 2023

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MCS Plant & People

MCS Plant & People...

MCS consider their success to be based upon a combination of their assets. MCS split their assets into two categories; Machinery & People.

Since the year 2000, MCS has committed to a policy of re-investing 15% of its annual turnover in new equipment to aid continuous technological advancement. This policy has meant that the equipment at the site is constantly moving forward, giving MCS the edge over competitors by being able to revaluate production techniques and find ways of being more efficient, saving costs for their customers, and increasing the types of processes MCS are able to complete.

The MCS team are extremely close. The MD and Sales Director are always more than happy to get their hands dirty on the shop floor, and consequently there is a definite feel of 'working with' as opposed to 'working for', enabling all members of staff, regardless of their position, to suggest ideas and maximise their individual potential. The impressive levels of motivation are yet another reason why customers choose MCS.

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