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Tuesday 31st January 2023

MCS Purchases Miyano ABX 64TH2

Senior management at MCS are celebrating the purchase and installation of a new Miyano ABX 64TH2 at the company's headquarters in Redditch, Worcestershire. The features of this state of the art machine will enable MCS to manufacture extremely complex components efficiently in a single setup.

[IMAGE - Miyano ABX 64TH2]

"This machine is a tremendous asset and is just one of eight in the UK", enthuses Warren Gray, Sales Director. "In one operation it can start and complete the most complex of components, thanks to its 36 tools and 12 stations." This machine truely signifies a new era of CNC machining.

Since the year 2000, MCS has committed to a policy of re-investing 15% of its annual turnover in new equipment to aid continuous technological advancement. At the turn of 2007, MCS evaluated its needs against what machines were available, and decided that a 'one-hit' machine would benefit the workshop for some of the higher volume orders. During the investigation of machines many factors were considered: cost, cycle time, rigidity, control systems etc. A few companies conducted time studies for a particular product. All factors considered, MCS decided to add a fourth Miyano to its shop floor; the ABX 64TH2.

[IMAGE - Miyano ABX 64TH2]

MCS is always quick to adapt appropriate, new technology that will help it provide a better service. Traditionally, its customers provided drawings in 2D, paper form, which would then be converted into CNC programs. However, with environmental issues like paper usage, as well as customer service issues such as communication, MCS has recently invested in a new CAD/CAM system, which enables them to accept 3D, electronic drawings and automatically translate them into CNC programs in a matter of minutes. This technology shift has massively decreased the time it takes for a drawing to leave the office of the designer to the generation of the CNC program, and is consequently yet another way which MCS is able to reduce costs. Over the past two years, MCS has had increasing involvement in the environmental sector. Managing Director, Jim Gray says, "The most rewarding thing about our increasing presence in this market is that it allows us to satisfy both business and ethical criteria at the same time."

Within this sector, products are being launched not just to households, factories, shops etc, but also to towns/cities/regions at a time. Consequently, the orders may be slightly irregular but, when made, are of extremely high volume.

[IMAGE - Press]

MCS has successfully devised methods of managing fluctuations in timescales and volumes of orders. In several cases its approach has seen the reduction of cycle times generating an increase in day-to-day productivity. The growth of MCS and its purchasing power has positioned the company to develop and access a resource of raw materials in readiness for machining in line with customer demand. Utilising its highly skilled workforce, MCS has a large influence on its customers' designs; particularly in marrying the functional requirements of the designer with the more practical design for manufacture and assembly. This enables MCS to have an influence over factors like efficiency from the very early stages of design.

"We're extremely excited about what this machine will bring, and the time it will save," concludes Andrew Lambert, Production Manager. "It has 36 tools available, so it can perform complex, simultaneous, front and back operations in a single machine setup."


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