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Monday 2nd October 2023

MCS Quality

Quality is central to the MCS philosophy

We are currently BS EN ISO 9001 : 2008 approved.

Here at MCS, quality is not a separate entity. Quality isn't only for the shop floor environment, it is in everything we do.

From the moment we receive your enquiry, there are procedures and disciplines in place to review the opportunity and respond accordingly. We start with an Advanced Product Quality Plan, which ensures that the specification and tolerances are laid down to your exact requirements.

[IMAGE - Profile 50]

Once methods of production have been established we keep in mind our core objective, everyones objective at MCS, to achieve zero defects.

As work progresses, a Process Control Plan monitors Production Quality to ensure no non-conformances.

To assist this we have invested in Genesis Lighthouse SPC computerised equipment and this is used to process any data you may require in terms of capability and Statistical Process Control.

We have also invested in the very latest measurement technology. We have a Tessa Profile 50. This system uses opto-electronic projection, which enables the measurement of all common round part geometry including small intricate forms like radii and angles.

The major benefit of non-contact technology is the ability to perform such measurements with a combination of speed, flexibility and accuracy not previously possible. The Tessa Profile 50 is also completely compatible with our Genesis Lighthouse SPC equipment.

This computer controlled optical-projector, which provides measurement via a non-contact beam of light, meaning that we can produce and measure components to extremely accurate tolerances of within just two microns - that's equal to just 1/75th the diameter of the average human hair.

Please see our section on the environment to find out about our desires and achievements there.


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