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Tuesday 31st January 2023

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MCS Strategic

MCS Strategic...

As well as taking on finished drawings, we appreciate that designs may need that final tweak in order for the product to achieve maximum efficiency or to be produced at the lowest possible cost, and therefore are here to help and evaluate work if you so require. Our highly trained team of engineers and designers may even make suggestions about how you can add value without specific request if they can see room for improvement. We now have special relationships with a number of the research departments of our larger clients and play an active part of getting that vision off the paper and into reality. It is often said that once the line is on the paper, 90% of the cost is fixed; well we've been known to move the odd line and the cost savings have delighted our customers. So if it isn't quite finished or your want to check it out submit the drawing through the quote section of this site and let us have a look if it can be done or could be done better there is a good chance we will know how. After all the team enjoy a challenge!

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